Recovery Safe

Bitcoin Seed Storage
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Will a plastic hardware wallet, backed by paper, be enough?

Hardware Wallet Seed

Stainless Steel Key Manager

100% User Controlled

Electric engraver included

No third parties

Metal Seed Storage Kit

Metal Seed Storage

Your Stack – Your Specs

Add up to 10 plates per stack

Store one 24 word recovery seed per plate

Build over time with Expansion Packs

Extreme Protection

Fire Test = A

Acid Test = A

Crush Test = A

Jameson Lopp tested Key Stack by blasting it with a 2500°F butane torch, soaking it in an acid bath and tormenting it under a 20-Ton press. Key Stack passed all tests with straight A’s.

Jameson Lopp Stress Test

Build To Your Specs

Key Stack


Kits include: stainless steel plates, electric engraver, nuts/bolts and a set of tamper evident security seal stickers.


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Combo Packs


Store multisig keys in separate locations with combo packs!

Kit Includes:

THREE – 24 Word seed plates (100% stainless steel)

THREE – Front and Back Cover Plate sets (100% stainless steel)

THREE – Nut & Bolt Sets (100% stainless steel)

ONE – Diamond Tipped Electric Engraver

Expansion Plates


Build out your stack with expansion plate add-on’s! Key Stack expands to hold up to 10 seed plates per stack.

Private Key Management

Relying on a piece of paper to backup your plastic hardware wallet leaves you vulnerable to physical disasters like fires and floods.

Harden your security model by upgrading the physical robustness of the most valuable component – the seed itself.


Security Seals Included