Fireproof (2200° F), Waterproof, EMP Proof


Your Bitcoin recovery seed is the single most valuable cryptographic asset that you own. Are you currently taking a risk and storing your bitcoin private keys on paper?

Key Stack users get protection against fires, flooding and even EMP's. Rest easy knowing a butane torch, acid bath and 20 ton hydraulic press failed to destroy the Crypto Key Stack, which is the first soverign device to pass the Jameson Lopp Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test with straight A's.

Modular Design

Build your stack to your specs. Store one 24 word mnemonic seed per plate. Add up to 10 plates per stack.

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Crypto Key Stack

Don't wait until it's too late. Start protecting your recovery seed phrases today.

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Private Engraving

Crypto Key Stack - Water Resistant

Waterproof & Rust Resistant

Mnemonic Phrase Stack Plate Mnemonic Phrase Stack Plate - Three Pack

Stack Plate Add On's

Each Crypto Key Stack can hold up to TEN stack plates total. Add on's are $15 per plate or $35 for three pack.

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Crypto Key Stack

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KeepKey Hardware Wallet
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KeepKey: The Simple Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

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Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test

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