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Fire Resistant

Water Resistant

Do You Have a Bitcoin Backup Plan?

Your Bitcoin Recovery Seed is the single most valuable cryptographic asset that you own. Are you ready to upgrade from paper to steel?

Key Stack users get protection against fires, flooding and even EMP's. Rest easy knowing a butane torch, acid bath and 20 ton hydraulic press failed to destroy the Crypto Key Stack, the first sovereign device to pass the Jameson Lopp Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test with straight A's.

Bitcoin Key Storage

Private Engraving

Fireproof Bitcoin Storage

Protection from Fires


Protect Bitcoin from floods

Water & Rust Resistant

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Modular By Design

Bitcoin Key Stack

Expand your Stack over Time

Jameson Lopp Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test

Cypherpunk Cogitations

Bitcoin Cold Storage


Encryption keys don't belong on paper. Paper is not robust enough and you are taking on too much risk.

Hardware wallets are plastic USB drives that could fail...your recovery seed is the most valuable component.

If you don't have a backup plan in place you need to... RIGHT NOW.

This is way too important to delay.



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