Regain Your Privacy, Security and Health


Your laptop is never really off.
Your phone emits a signal even in airplane mode.
Everything from your passport to your credit cards contains RFID.
And all of it contains valuable, private information that is easily exploited in the wrong hands.


Faraday Bags Fix This:

Instantly Block

Block Phone WiFi Block Phone Cell Signal Block Phone GPS Block Phone Bluetooth Block RFID with Faraday Bag
Block EMP with Faraday Bag Block EMF with Faraday Bag Block Solar Flare with Faraday Bag Block Tracker with Faraday Key Fob Faraday Bag

We have partnered with industry leader Silent Pocket, to bring premium Faraday Signal Blocking Technology to you.

Patented Silent Pocket Technology
Trusted by military, tech executives and privacy minded citizens
40,000+ Units Sold 

  Regain your mobile privacy, security, and health