Crypto Key Stack: Engraving Tips

Engraving the plates is relatively quick and easy compared to other storage methods such as sorting through hundreds of tiny reflective silver pieces. It also saves you a ton of money by storing multiple keys in one device. Each Crypto Key Stack set (Builders, Explorers and Pioneers) also comes with a diamond-tipped electric engraver included in the package, simplifying the process even further.

Please see our guide below for helpful tips on engraving your Crypto Key Stack.

Step One: Prep Yourself

While lightweight, the diamond tipped electric engraver cuts steel and is very sharp. Be sure to use proper eye protection, and gather any other protective gear you feel necessary to complete the operation. While you are at it, grab two AA batteries from your nearest remote and insert them into the engraver (- side down). For your safety, do not use the engraver if you are under 18 years of age or under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Step Two: Engrave

With your eye protection on, hold the engraver like a pencil, press the white button and begin engraving. Take your time and use a light touch. Pressing down too hard could cause the engraving tip to slip or break. You do not need to use a lot of pressure, it's just like using a pen!


Private Key Generation:

The Crypto Key Stack allows the user to control the process from start to finish and that includes the private key or mnemonic seed generation. The user is responsible for researching secure methods for offline key generation. Crypto Key Stack does not endorse any particular method. The Bitcoin Wiki is regularly updated with security information. Hardware wallets are great for mnemonic seed generation.