KeepKey: Key Stack - Pioneers Edition

KeepKey: Key Stack - Pioneers Edition

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Ten 24-Word Recovery Seed Plates:

Crypto Pioneers are building and securing the ecosystem and need a reliable device to backup the multiple projects they are working on. Pioneers might even set up multi-signature wallets and 2FA encrypted mnemonics with decoy passwords. 

Armed with ten 24-word mnemonic backup seeds, crypto pioneers are well on their way to an unbanked future.

Why Black Anodized Stainless Steel?

The black anodized finish allows for enhanced visibility after the engraving of characters exposes the raw stainless steel beneath. Plus, compared to paper and USB drives, stainless steel wins - hands down - in terms of extreme durability. 


How long will it take me to engrave each plate?

Average time takes less than 5 minutes.


Product Dimensions:

2"W X 3.5"L X ~ 3/4" H


Engraving Plates included: 10