Setup & Engraving Tips

Kit Contents:

Black jewelry bag includes your electric engraver and screws.

Silver pouch includes the Key Stack plates and four tamper evident security seals.


Insert 2 AA Batteries into the black tube with the positive side to the top.

Line up the tube notches with the engraver head.

Give it a quarter twist to lock into place.

Engraving Tips:

Use safety glasses.

Press the white-button and start the engraver slightly above the plate.

Hold the engraver like you would a pen.

Use a light touch when engraving and let the tool do the work.

Once you see the silver exposed you know you’ve made a lasting impression in the steel.

If you press down hard it’s harder to control the tool.

Use capital letters when possible to enhance legibility.

Tamper Evident Seals:

Place all four seals around each edge of your Key Stack.

Record your seals numbers.