Velas Commerce

Velas Commerce – our Commerce Tech Experts of choice –  helped us rebuild our website from scratch while significantly improving our Hosting, Shipping, and Payment processing practices.

Security and Privacy is a top priority for Key Stack, and Velas Commerce played a critical role in helping us reach our goals.


The first major step was breaking up with Shopify and rebuilding with WooCommerce. After further review, it became apparent that Shopify was a potential security vulnerability. The company has too many employees privy to viewing website logs. Shopify itself is a honeypot of data – data they “own” – when you use a website hosted by them.

Rebuilding Key Stack with WooCommerce and WordPress was mission critical. These are open source, and self-hosted tools – giving us greater control over how your data is used and stored.

Part of our security strategy is to only collect the essential information required to complete your transaction — and then replacing personally identifying information with XXXXX on our servers thirty days after your order.

Payment Processors:

Velas Commerce integrated BTCPay Server to our website and it’s hands down the smarter way to pay. We still have a traditional payment processor, PayPal. Keep in mind – PayPal is a data collection machine as discussed in our privacy policy. We don’t recommend using them when possible.


Many website owners use third-parties services such as Shipstation or GoShippo to create the shipping labels. We decided to work around these services to generate each label in house for shipments delivering in the USA. 

Key Stack is committed to providing a safe, secure and private shopping experience. Velas Commerce helped take us to the next level and we highly recommend working with them!

If you have an eCommerce store it is in your customers best interest to reach out to to schedule your free consultation today.

At the forefront of commerce technology with development, training, and consulting. Velas brings the future of Tech to your business now.